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Fitness has become a fashionable topic. But it also brought fire to a large number of health-related intelligent hardware products. For example, intelligent, smart Watch Bracelet we know belongs to these products is currently the highest degree of concern of a class. However, today I give everybody to bring is a movement in the process of monitoring the heart rate Headset products: Cheap Beats by dre Sport Pulse.
In fact, for the love of sports students may also heard before similar products, such as LG Heart Rate headphones, iriverOn etc.. Then, the Cheap monster beats Sport Pulse and they have what different? Let's take a look.
In the design, the Cheap Beats Headphones Sport Pulse whole appears very simple, two earplugs wrapped protection sleeve in a carbon fiber, and the middle is not like other Bluetooth headset products that also has a solid torus, only a black wire connection, really looks very light, in line with the movement of the earphone tonality.
In two looks larger ear earplugs is device has two unique, a sensor to monitor the heart rate, the other is a charging interface. Not only that, in the left earphone is also has a Sport button to open the software, motion model.
In the material, the earplug Cheap Beats dr dre Sport Pulse itself has the function of plastic materials, and the connecting wire is more general earphone crude to a circle. Cheap Beats solo is said that the ear also has a good performance in anti slam, sweat proof and waterproof etc..
In the lower side of the earplug is remote control, Cheap Beats studio adopts a three button design, respectively, playback and volume adjustment, at the same time, long press the volume adjustment is track switching function. Of course, if you press the middle circular button can also realize the automatic paired with your phone functions.
It is worth mentioning that the headset has rich accessories. We are in a sports waterproof bag open, you can see four of different sizes to replace the gel earplugs and four images of different sizes of Earwing ear hook Cheap dr dre headphones, convenient movement.