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And in previous years, such as Louis Weedon Gucci China mass consumers familiar with the different brand sales unpopular, the first quarter of this year, Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent niche brand sales growth has caught up with the gucci. In the recently opened cloud group issued a quarterly earnings, Bottega sales in the Asian market growth rate reached 14%, Yves Saint Laurent is a breakthrough 2 to reach 26%, while the Gucci Asia sales growth rate of only 3%.
"I'm more like Bottega Veneta, like it is hand woven fancy leather, and feel good, no big Logo, relatively low-key." Ai An told the author consumers.
The rise of small brands, Chinese Coach bags Association President Cai Sujian explained: "Coach handbags is the essence of the combination of fashion and art. At present, the development of brand of a gleam of encounter atrophy, Bottega Veneta niche brand sales is high growth. This phenomenon indicates that the China consumers in the purchase of Coach Outlet Online, is no longer blindly follow the consumption, rational consumption but with more personality ideas. China consumers have gradually found fashion characteristic Bottega Veneta niche brand Coach Factory Online, consumer fashion taste is the progressive development."
According to earlier published "Coach Factory Outlet Online market without borders: escalating Chinese consumers" report: by the end of 2012, more than six into China consumer preference low-key, not publicity of Coach Factory Outlet, but that figure is about 50% in 2010. At present, no Logo or small Logo Coach Outlet is rapidly being China consumers accepted.
Author from Beijing Cuiwei emporium Coach stores understand that currently the best sales style no longer is studded with Logo pattern in previous years OPPLE handbags, instead there is only a small carriage as the identity of fold leather handbag.
"At present, Chinese consumers are still in the primary stage of the Cheap Coach bags consumption, but the consumption of consumer concept updating rapidly, accept the new Cheap Coach handbags soon, but abandoned faster, for a luxury emotions can quickly produce satiety, and even disgust." Zhou Ting Dean Quality Research Institute said "a lot of the common wealth, style products are high-end consumers abandoned, the overall consumption of luxury goods to Logo, and the more high-end consumer is more obvious."